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  I'm Jenae the founder of this Job Optional Community for Sista Entrepreneurs and Side Hustlers.

A few years ago while chatting with a vendor at my 9 to 5, I realized others could benefit from the resources and knowledge I've learned, on my entrepreneurial journey. So I created this Community to help Sistas like myself, with a 9 to 5 grind and limited time to become job optional.

Word snobs, this isn't for you...

Now before we get started, I'm no technical writer. In fact, I'm a proud country girl and I write like I talk. So while I can't promise that a world free of run-on sentences or properly used punctuation, I can promise real talk, valuable content and FUN conversation around topics of life and business.
Sound good? Great! Now let's get it!

Now that all the word snobs are out, let’s get to know each other a lil better. A little peek into me, I’ve got a sexy Hubby named Jose, we live in sunny South Florida by way of Ohio. I love a good laugh, Carbs, naps and most things sweet! There's more of my story here if you're nosy. 

Lifelong Side Hustler

I've been an Entrepreneur or Side Hustler if you will, as long as I can remember, from selling gum to my schoolmates to doing hair in my Momma’s kitchen. I am a staunch advocate of Business OWNERSHIP! I actually love my Job, so for me it’s more about having options, just in case. *side eye*

Come hang out with me on the Job Optional Podcast where I share how you can use Technology and Internet resources to propel your business as well as sharing inspiring stories of successful Sista Entrepreneurs.

Our Time is NOW!

It is my goal to see Women of Color take the BUSINESS world by storm, with diversified income streams! We are still sorely underrepresented worldwide as leaders of industry in every venue outside of "entertainment" and to date on our Day Jobs still fighting for equal pay.

I for one am tired of the "dream deferred", Ladies our time is NOW!

I don't know about you, but I'm going in! If you're with me. Connect with me by joining the squad below, and hang out on the Jenae Duarte page on Facebook.

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