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005: Find Your Niche


005: Find Your Niche

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Find Your Niche

I had an awesome conversation with a coworker today about getting her idea about how she could impact the world with her passion.

As I was sharing my great news of actually launching this podcast and submitting to itunes, we got to talking about how to get started with her Side Hustle and getting the ideas focused on one thing at a time.

I totally related to her almost schizophrenic explanation of what she was passionate about. Like most of us I’m sure, have a million and one ideas and people we want to help.


Riches are in the Niches

We have all probably heard this or some version of it. Unless you are Walmart, it doesn’t profit us to try to be everything for everybody.


Decide on one person you want to help. What are they struggling with that you know how to fix, cope , educate …


How can you best help them?

>Train- teaching program,

> coach/ mentor- show and run the play

> inspire- give words of affirmation

>service- therapy ( physical, mental)


What is the best way to communicate the help?


> Videos

> Podcast



Advice to my friend…

You work  40, 50 , 60 hours every week to see your Employer’s vision and mission succeed. Don’t you have 2 hours a week to devote to your own Entrepreneurial Legacy? Absolutely!

Take the next day off you have and make a date with yourself to focus solely on what you want to see this business look like.

Take the first step to seeing your dream of Business ownership.

I’m not telling you anything that I haven’t personally dealt with in my own Small Business, and still do sometimes. I promise you as you begin to move like we talked about in Just Start  you will see amazing transformation and growth with your Side Hustle.



Key Take aways

  • Don’t try to be everything for everybody
  • Devote at least 2 hours a week to your Business
  • Take the first step

Book of the Day


Business Resources

  • Pen and paper



About the Author:

A lil about me... hmm, okay. I'm married to a super awesome supportive guy named Jose. We live and play in South Florida. I am a nerd/homegirl. I am a lover of all things Tech, most things sweet. If I could be a lazy bum all day I will. Can naps be a hobby? if so I choose naps :) Black folks in Business is my passion. Oh and Podcasting.

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