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007: Podcast Movement 15 Key Takeaways


007: Podcast Movement 15 Key Takeaways

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Key Takeaways from Podcast Movement 2015


What I learned from the best at Podcast Movement 2015

I am still reeling from information overload almost a month after Podcast Movement ’15! The organizers did such an awesome job with bringing some of the best in the industry to impart massive Epic content to us.

I and everyone I connected with at the conference and online afterwards have concurred that this is definitely the one you need to attend.

Lord willing, I will definitely be in Chicago next year. I encourage you to buy the Virtual ticket to #PM15 and get what you can and make sure you don’t miss out next year. Before you go though make sure and take my Conference  tips to help you be prepared.



Key Takeaways


PAT FLYNN: The Real Podcasting Struggle: You vs. You

  • We all keep this one Hater with us. Ourselves.
  • Associate with the right people, Power of the whole is greater than the single
  • Fear is a good indicator of what you should be doing; Transform by creating impossible goals.
  • Its not about you, it’s who is on the other side


ROMAN MARS: Designing a Career in Podcasting 

  • Telling the right story can change the feeling or perspective
  • Quality is the best Business strategy
  • Make as many good things happen as possible
  • If you can save the World time you’re doing god’s work 🙂
  • Own your work


LOU MONGELLO: 10 Questions

  • Success is measure by levels of happiness not money
  • Be the book you want to read
  • I don’t have competition
  • It’s about real connections
  • Legacy is not just money
  • You don’t know how you are going to affect somebody’s life
  • The only failure is quitting
  • There’s a fine line between brilliance and utter stupidity


AISHA TYLER: No Apologies: Creating Authenticity by Embracing Risk


  • Passion is the only ingredient
  • Be relentless
  • Don’t be afraid to pivot: quitting is not failing if you don’t enjoy it anymore.
  • Listen and do your best work
  • It’s not how hard you hit, its how hard you can get hit and get up.


JOHN LEE DUMAS: Deconstructing Podcasting Success: Real life stories of failure turned into freedom

  • If you want to be; Do.
  • What’s your courage story? Share it.
  • You want to be successful you have to be Consistent
  • Invest. Learn. Teach


Book of the Day


The War of Art:  Steven Pressfield

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A lil about me... hmm, okay. I'm married to a super awesome supportive guy named Jose. We live and play in South Florida. I am a nerd/homegirl. I am a lover of all things Tech, most things sweet. If I could be a lazy bum all day I will. Can naps be a hobby? if so I choose naps :) Black folks in Business is my passion. Oh and Podcasting.

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