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011: Getting Started with Facebook Fan Pages


011: Getting Started with Facebook Fan Pages

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Getting started with Facebook Fan Pages.

Getting started with Facebook Fan Pages 


What is a Facebook Fan Page and why do you need one? A Fan Page is a page you can create for free on Facebook to promote your business or Passion Project. The benefit of having a Fan Page on Facebook verses promoting yourself on the regular news feed is so you don’t spam your friends with information that may not interest them. It also lends credibility to your business. A fan Page is a good starting option for folks just starting up a new business especially if it’s a “trial” project to see what kind of interest is out there for the business model.

In today’s episode we cover the best practices to do when getting started with using Facebook Fan Pages, as well as some really common mistakes to avoid.


Key Takeaways


To Do’s

  • Link your Website
  • Content is super important
  • Add Value
  • Post lots of pictures and video. live streaming services like Periscope and Blab make it super easy to utilize video on your page.
  • Add a CTA “Call to Action” button on your page. It can be anything you want your Tribe to do, such as sign up for your email list or subscribe


No No’s to Avoid

  • Do not SPAM your friends with your Fan Page. Yes, the Fan Page is for boosting your business, but be mindful not to only post “buy my xyz product/service”.
  • Do NOT auto subscribe your friends to your page. send them an invitation to like your page once it’s set up.
  • Do not post negative comments or go on a  rant.
  • Post helpful content for your peeps on  a regular basis.



Book of the Day

Business Resources

  • Pinterest – link it to your page
  • Feedly –  for content curation
  • Buffer App –  pre schedule your content posts
  • Hootsuite  –  pre schedule your content posts
  • Ifttt –  recipes to do tasks automatically


About the Author:

A lil about me... hmm, okay. I'm married to a super awesome supportive guy named Jose. We live and play in South Florida. I am a nerd/homegirl. I am a lover of all things Tech, most things sweet. If I could be a lazy bum all day I will. Can naps be a hobby? if so I choose naps :) Black folks in Business is my passion. Oh and Podcasting.

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