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031: Are you a Broke Entrepreneur or Just Broken


031: Are you a Broke Entrepreneur or Just Broken

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31 Job Optional Podcast- Are you Broke or Broken

Are you a Broke Entrepreneur or just Broken?

While reading an email from Michelle Talbert from Her Power Hustle with the question is your target audience broke?
Made me think about my own “broken” mentality of Being cheap and over protective is holding me back.

Broken in your mindset of lack. We buy what we want to buy. We find resources for what we want.

I truly believe what you think about you bring about and what we say is what we see.

Don’t give everything away. This is a business folks ain’t gonna ask Chanel to take 20 dollars off them bags. Be mindful of this while pricing your products






Key Takeaways from the Podcast

  • We buy what we really want


About the Author:

A lil about me... hmm, okay. I'm married to a super awesome supportive guy named Jose. We live and play in South Florida. I am a nerd/homegirl. I am a lover of all things Tech, most things sweet. If I could be a lazy bum all day I will. Can naps be a hobby? if so I choose naps :) Black folks in Business is my passion. Oh and Podcasting.

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