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5 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up A Facebook Page for your Side Hustle


5 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up A Facebook Page for your Side Hustle

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5 mistakes to avoid when setting up a facebook page

5 critical mistakes to avoid when setting up a Facebook Page for your Side Hustle

1. Not having a link to your Website from your Facebook Business page

This is by far the most common mistake I see when trolling Facebook… Okay, generally not trolling.

I’m usually trying to support a friend’s new endeavor, and 9 times outta 10 they either have no website, or it is buried deep in the archives of their personal page. Where not nobody is going to look for it, that’s right a double negative… I said it.

Love it or hate it, Facebook is still leading the pack with attention game. Your customers are here already so let’s make it super easy for them to connect with you and your biz.

Facebook has given us very few key places to link back to our sites so take advantage where you can.

Make sure you have the most prominent website link in the about me section filled out. Unfortunately this one can be pretty hard to find if you have your setting in the default that comes standard.

You can move around the order of what items you want featured first by going to any of the sections and clicking on edit to get the reorder option to pop up, simply drag and drop from there and save.


2. No Cover Art or Unclear Cover Art Message

When you’re just starting out with your Side Hustle, this can be a simple picture that reflects your target audience. No need to make this super complicated in the beginning. Make sure anyone coming to your page can clearly understand what your focus is right away.

I love for making simple graphic templates like these and they have Facebook header template with the correct dimensions in place so it is user friendly.

Once you have your base down you can come back and have a professional or even pay someone on for a cool graphic that you can use across your different platforms.


3. Missing Profile Information

This is a no brainer. Your ideal client finds you on Facebook but there is no information about who you are, what you specialize in or any other pertinent information most people would like to know before investing their hard earned cash with you.

No need to share your life story here, but at least have some basic information about who you are and what you are about. This is a good place to put some strategic keywords associated with your target market or Business as well.


4. Not taking advantage of the “Call to Action button”

Facebook has given us a prime piece of real estate on the business page by giving you a choice of a call to action button featured right up top to the right of your profile image on top of the cover art photo.

For the love of all things Holy, USE IT!

Options are anywhere from contact us to email signup form. See screenshot below for ideas you can and should take advantage of. You can only use one so choose wisely by determining what the most important objective to your business is right now.


FaceBook CTA


5. Using a Logo as your Facebook Page Profile Picture

This one is self-explanatory, people do business with other people, more so with folks they know, like, and trust. Unless you’re a huge brand like Walmart or Bestbuy, you need a personal picture of you as your profile.

A good, clear photo of you (only you, no group pics) is okay for just starting out, a professional shot would be great but if you can’t swing it right away, it’s okay. Remember this is only the starting point, as you grow, get the nicer photos and upgrades.

I want you to take action and at least have something to show for any potential clients and to begin building that trust factor as quickly as possible. What’s the adage perfect is the enemy of DONE.


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