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About Me

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My goal is to help you diversify your income by creating opportunities for multiple streams of income. Help bust down any tech or mental barrier to becoming the most amazing Entrepreneur. Sharing my Side Hustle journey to becoming Job Optional. I hope to inspire and encourage you in building your Legacy.

Up-lifter of Women! Lover of GOD, Strong Black Woman, Business Owner, Wife, Podcaster, Side Hustler, Dedicated worker, and Best Auntie Ever.

A lil about me...

I created this for Women like me, who crave stability but also have a passion they feel called to pursue and want to create diverse income streams.


Truck Driver becomes Digital Strategist

Truck Driver becomes Digital Strategist Jenae Duarte

I knew I couldn't stand to be working in a factory at 50 or 60 years old as they say... I wasn't about that life. Thanks to my cousin, I found my way out through Truck driving after a three-week ride along that changed my life.


My big Sis, gifted a massage for the first time, and being blown away at its effects I became a Massage Therapist after getting off the road.This allowed me to determine my own destiny and help others.

I've got a 9-5, but my Massage Side Hustle gives me freedom, to explore life more. Realizing, the day will come that I'll become less active,  and I need to have alternate income  in place before we cross that bridge by old age or unfortunate injury.

After a near-disastrous launch of a massage business, I promised myself, to never be dependent on one source of income ever again.


Smart Passive Income showed me a whole new World

In search of additional income about three years ago, I found the Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn and my word is opened. Keep my bread and butter job, my optional side hustle and create opportunities for "passive" streams of income. Sign me up!

One thing nagging me was, how few women were on the show and others like it. There still are very few Women in the tech and social media business spaces, even less so, women of color.

At the same time seeing friends launching a business without a website or social "digital real estate" they could use to leverage and make additional sources of income… I'd finally found my niche!

The wealth of knowledge and experience I've amassed has made me an expert compared to someone just getting into digital, social media marketing spaces as well as small business startups.
Looking forward to sharing much more as we go on this journey to becoming Job Optional as we diversify our income together.

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