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Mastermind and Shine on the Job Optional Podcast with Jenae Nicole

Mastermind Groups help you level up your Hustle

Get ahead in business and follow your dream by getting into a Mastermind group of like-minded individuals that can help propel each of you to the next level with collaboration.

When you get together and bounce ideas off of another person on a path to fulfilling a goal, it’s like rocket fuel to ignite your focus. As you are able to get another perspective on your project and maybe see things you are missing in your strategy because you are so close to it.

Also each of the members are going to bring a different skill set to the equation. Where one may be strong in Finance you may be gifted in Marketing, so you feed each other in various ways to make sure you are pushing each other to greatness.


All Ships Rise in a High Tide

In elevating someone else’s shine it will not dim your own, but enhance it. You should be the first in line to support your friends Hustle. I find it common that we are so busy working on our own business we are missing the opportunity to support others. Yes, I said opportunity. It’s not everyday you have someone in your sphere of influence that you can say hey I see what you’re doing and I’m here. As we support our friends and they support us we all win.




Shine bright like a Diamond

Have you ever noticed how much nicer jewelry looks with multiple diamonds? It because as the light hits one gem it bounce off the one next to it and the effect is magnificent. So  just like gems we sparkle best in groups. A Mastermind could be what separates you from the rest.



Podcast Movement



10 lessons in podcasting

My top 10 lessons learned from my first 6 months podcasting.

1. Save EVERY file before you say your first word

This is by far one of the most important tips I can give new Podcasters. When I tell you the heartbreak I experienced by losing one of my best episodes to date, simply because I failed to save the file first. Brings a tear to my eye just thinking of it.

2. Just start already

The moon and stars are never going to align just right for you to pull the trigger and just launch already. I can honestly say I only wish I would have stared sooner. Besides you might as well go ahead and resign yourself to the fact that at the very least your first 3 shows are going to be terrible.

You are a rare breed if you fly out the gates with pristine audio day one. I re-recorded my first show no less than 10 times and its still horrible to me. trust me on this one just do it and get over yourself.

3. Be your own truth, it’ll show 



[Tweet “You can only fake the funk for so long, before the real you begins to seep out” ~Jenae ]


4. Invest in your project

As i mentioned in episode 019 Being a cheap bastard is going to hold you back from your best potential. It is nearly impossible to start a proper Podcast with no money. It can be done but the question is will it be worth listening to? I tried to skimp as much as possible and it has cost me plenty in the long run, especially in TIME! If you are not willing to invest anything into your own passion what makes you think anyone should invest their time listening to you.

5. The real work begins after New and Noteworthy

There is so much hoopla about being top of New & Noteworthy (N&N) in iTunes for newbie Podcasters that we begin to focus so much on the rankings and less on growing our true fan base. Yes N&N is important but not as much as you’d think. One big thing though, when my time was up on the N&N charts man I dropped faster than a ton of bricks in downloads of the show. To combat this phenomenon I suggest getting into the habit early on of promoting the show twice as much time as it took to create it.

6. It’s not about you

I know this show is your Baby your lovechild if you will, but ultimately the listener is what it’s all about in the end. The impact your words have on their lives is the true end game. Whether you have a Podcast about Comedy, Politics, Religion, Business or all of the above the end user will meet out its value.

7. Be proud of your lil Podcast and tell everybody

Self explanatory, go shout it from the mountains and everywhere. lol, no really Go. Promote, promote, promote.

8. Notice others shine.

9. Implement fast

This goes hand in hand with just starting, the quicker you implement the faster you can fail or yet succeed that much faster.

10. Don’t give up

Podcasting is going to get hard, really hard to stay the course. No REALLY HARD!





Podcast Movement




Cheapskate- Job Optional Podcast19


Why being a cheap bast$@# is keeping you from progressing with your business and why getting and accepting help with your small business journey is crucial to being a successful Entrepreneur.

Doing the work and figuring out this whole Entrepreneurial journey is hard even more so when you are trying to do it all and on the free or cheap.

I’ll be the first to raise my hand. I am a self professed cheapskate, especially when it comes to myself and my business. I definetly got it honest (Trish Ann) aka momma! lol


Invest in your business and save your sanity

Looking back over the last year, there were many times that hiring out the work would have been the smart, and in the long run cheaper way to go. I wasted weeks trying to figure out minute details that could have probably been taken care of in minutes with an expert.


Lady, take the lesson from me and take your superwoman cape off and let somebody help you, that knows what they’re doing! Time is our greatest asset and we definitely don’t need to waste it on tasks above or below our skill set.


Make sure to take advantage of services like fiverr or elance to maximize your time and productivity. These are great alternatives for Boss Babes on a tight budget. Remember your existing network of friends, colleagues and family, sometimes the best answer to a question is right in front of us.


We don’t always have to pay for the help, make sure you are accepting help when its offered. Don’t be that chick that says “no, I got it” when you obviously don’t and folks are trying to help you with your business.









Focus and finish strong with your Business goals on the Job Optional Podcast

Focus on the Goal and Finish Strong

As we bring 2015 to a close and prepare for our New Year’s goals, let’s not get distracted with what is fast approaching but take the time to refocus on what we are doing and why.

I know with all the hustle and holiday festivities it’s super easy to get off our plan and into the “rabbit hole”.

In our haste to start a fresh year we tend to miss how far we’ve come. So take a minute and reflect on all the small wins so far and accept the insignificant fails.

Onward and Upward Friends, Here’s to an amazing 2016!




Key Takeaways

  • Don’t get distracted and if you do don’t stay there
  • Follow one course until success
  • Look back and enjoy the success



Make Better with the Job optional Podcast

I saw this word in a Hashtag on a friend’s facebook post and had to look it up. The meaning really struck me as this one main thing I’d like my business to accomplish on a Global scale.

Leave the World a better place and affect change for Women of Color in Business and life.


Business Cornerstone Job Optional Podcast with Jenae Nicole

Setting Our Business Cornerstone

I want to take a step back and make sure that we get the Cornerstone of our Business right.
I have been really thinking about what my true value is and what will help you gain the most from spending time with me.


Think about this Cornerstone. Now days you see them as decorative or commemorative parts of a building but the roots of the Cornerstone was to be the first stone laid in the foundation of a building, which determined the placement of each subsequent stone.


I want us to make sure that our Cornerstone is set in the optimal place so that once we have made it to completion our footing is sure. So before we pick a niche, a name, a WordPress Theme we will check the condition of our heart and set it toward gratitude with humility and unselfish love.


These ideas are indeed Biblical Ephesians 4:1-2 exactly, but I can guarantee if you align your most audacious goals with these core principles we will not waver when a price you never imagined comes with a price you can never repay.




Finding Your True Value

I had a few major ah-ha moments lately as Oprah would say. One of them being my true value.


If you listened to my last show you should already know that I am a Christian by faith, and unapologetic about it.


This brings me to the point of my true Value. Yes I know how to get a Website set up, plenty of other tech geek stuff, and the how and whys of most of the Social Media Platforms even if o don’t use most of the ( more on that in another show)


My true Value is my Heart for People. Not that fake pat on the back heart that big hug that warms your soul heart.


Honestly it took me many months to come right out and say I wanna see Black Girls and Women of Color begin to dominate the field of Business particularly in the Tech and Digital Media space.




Because I didn’t want to seem like I wanted Women who are of the Caucasian persuasion to fail or to move aside. Just the opposite, there is plenty room at the table I simply want it to represent what the World reflects already.

As Michelle Talbert says #WeAllWin


Key Takeaways

  • Your Cornerstone is your true North
  • Integrity and Reputation are Priceless
  • For someone else to thrive doesn’t mean you have to die or starve.