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How to Protect your Brand. Job Optional Podcast -

How to Protect your Brand

I share the steps you need to take today to protect your Brand.
By securing your Digital real estate including your
Website and Social media profiles.

In today’s episode you will Learn why you need to install security immediately for your website, and how your email can be the gateway or backdoor into your defense system.

Why even though there have been over a thousand attempts to hack into my website over the last two weeks, I am not freaking out.

How a simple hashtag search revealed Hijacked pictures of my logo and how your girl handled it with grace.





Key Takeaways


  • Set up security from the very beginning
  • You can get good WordPress security for free
  • Your Email can be a backdoor for evildoers
  • Your Logo and Pictures need protecting as well








Are you worth the investment? Job Optional Podcast -

Are you really worth the investment?

It’s funny that I’ve seen so many “Experts” on various topics with no true expertise. Now please hear my  heart, i’m not bashing on anybody’s grind. Just making the point.

Yes the school of thought to get the Minimal Viable Product out and tweak as you go approach is good. I just want us to be careful to not misrepresent our current Value proposition.

Why this is important to you?

Imagine you are on the other side of your business at the customer point of view. If you are teaching something you really have no true expertise in.. you will lose trust.

Remember trust is always earned and once lost it’s almost impossible to recapture. So, let’s be honest and transparent up front.

Until I began investing and cultivating in me, did I see the forward motion of my life and business.

The lesson today is to put in the work up front and invest in perfecting your craft and become a true expert in your field before claiming yourself as an expert.




Key Takeaways


You can’t walk where you can’t see

  • We must have a vision of what Business we want before we move.
  • The whole picture is not necessary to start
  • if you cant see it you can’t show it to anyone else


Everybody wants to be Influential

  • From the smallest to the greatest of us we all want to be heard.


Sacrifices will have to be made

  • Time is the most valuable investment we use getting started
  • We may have to wait and watch certain shows


 The Path will show itself with open doors

  • Be faithful over your gift
  • Nothing happens by accident
  • Everyone will not resonate with you, what’s for you is for you.


What are you doing today to invest in yourself?

  • Invest. Learn. Teach




In this episode Jenae shares some ah-ha moments she was wowed by while watching Michael Hyatt’s Influence and Impact Summit.

The Summit features many of the top Entrepreneurs, Speakers and Digital Marketing experts in the field, such as Dave Ramsey, Pat Flynn, Fawn Weaver, Amy Porterfield and a slew of other industry heavy hitters!

This awesome online conference is available free until October 15, 2015. The link below will get you access until then.

If you miss it, the videos will be available on Platform University only (paid program).


Influence and Impact Summit

Fawn Weaver

Rory Vaden

Twitter: @jjenaeni or @jobopt

Facebook: Job Optional Podcast


Overworked and Underwhelmed on Job Optional Podcast with Jenae Nicole

Overworked & Underwhelmed



Side Hustle Time Management 

Not only do we have the same business goals and objectives as well as home and family obligations we have a full time job that is a monster in and of itself to manage our time with.


And yes we chose this life and we can quit and throw in the towel at any moment if we want, but not us girls because we are World Changers and we never quit!


I know getting started with your Side Hustle has not been easy we feel overworked

With our ever growing to do list – website, networking, social media, content, products or services, clients, etc.


Underwhelmed with results so far, not seeing the amazing results some of your Entrepreneurial friends?


Your gift is for you; you were hand-picked for this mission, only you have the gifts, skills and talent to finish it.


But I digress this morning as my Pastor  was speaking about the Time we have here being a gift with an expiration date; being accountable with how we spend it.


So let that sink in them 2 bombs he dropped, we all know our time here will end for certain no one here is invincible and will live forever as much as the movies are selling that dream these days. As far as we know (side eye).


But he made such an impact on me today with saying we have time for what we want with the analogy of if you got free ticket to your favorite xyz you would find the time right oh all of a sudden a gap opened up in your calendar 🙂


For every yes we say, there is a no to something else, let’s just make sure we value our Relationships and don’t miss out on what’s really important.


App I use for email sanity is called  Check it out, I promise you’ll thank me later. Also it’s FREE!


Key Takeaways

  • Time is a Gift with an expiration date
  • Time is the currency of Relationships
  • Make time for what matters most


Book of the Day

Business Resources

  • – Email subscription management tool (Free)
  • Email me at



 012 Fab 5 Favorite Apps

Fab 5 Favorite Apps for Social Media Marketing


In today’s episode we cover a few of my all time favorite apps, that make  my Social Media strategy much more manageable. Awesome Apps for Social  Media Marketing that I use  daily to keep me on top of my Social Media game.




Buffer: Content Curation scheduler

This app keeps me from doing social media all day every day, working smart and not hard by taking already created content that I find useful for my business and sharing it at specified times throughout the week.


Feedly: Content Curator

Up to date Content from blogs that I love, that is laid out in a cool magazine style format.


IFTTT: Create recipes to do repetitive tasks

This tool is awesome for automatically doing some of those repetitive tasks.


Word Swag: Graphic creator

Create pretty Graphic quotes super simple and free with optional upgrade


Groups: Manage your Facebook groups

Wonderful Facebook group management that help me stay active and know what is happening within all the groups I am active in.




Key Takeaways

  • Work smart not Hard
  • Take advantage of Tech
  • No need to recreate the wheel


Book of the Day

Business Resources



Getting started with Facebook Fan Pages.

Getting started with Facebook Fan Pages 


What is a Facebook Fan Page and why do you need one? A Fan Page is a page you can create for free on Facebook to promote your business or Passion Project. The benefit of having a Fan Page on Facebook verses promoting yourself on the regular news feed is so you don’t spam your friends with information that may not interest them. It also lends credibility to your business. A fan Page is a good starting option for folks just starting up a new business especially if it’s a “trial” project to see what kind of interest is out there for the business model.

In today’s episode we cover the best practices to do when getting started with using Facebook Fan Pages, as well as some really common mistakes to avoid.


Key Takeaways


To Do’s

  • Link your Website
  • Content is super important
  • Add Value
  • Post lots of pictures and video. live streaming services like Periscope and Blab make it super easy to utilize video on your page.
  • Add a CTA “Call to Action” button on your page. It can be anything you want your Tribe to do, such as sign up for your email list or subscribe


No No’s to Avoid

  • Do not SPAM your friends with your Fan Page. Yes, the Fan Page is for boosting your business, but be mindful not to only post “buy my xyz product/service”.
  • Do NOT auto subscribe your friends to your page. send them an invitation to like your page once it’s set up.
  • Do not post negative comments or go on a  rant.
  • Post helpful content for your peeps on  a regular basis.



Book of the Day

Business Resources

  • Pinterest – link it to your page
  • Feedly –  for content curation
  • Buffer App –  pre schedule your content posts
  • Hootsuite  –  pre schedule your content posts
  • Ifttt –  recipes to do tasks automatically