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There is no excuse in 2015 to not have a Website for your Business, with so many options available from free to paid, and even everything done for you options. Below, I share my personal recommendations for Website Domain Name services to Web Hosting. Most importantly you will learn what to avoid and get awesome resources to get you started with your Website.



Domain Name Services

If you want to support another Black Girl who Rocks, you can purchase your domain name through Ms. Lisa Irby of 2createawebsite will get a commission if you do.

The other popular option to get your domain name is of course Either of these will work and are reputable places I recommend.


Hosting Options

 Your web host is where your site is housed on the web and can be free or paid. I highly recommend to pay for your own hosting if you are serious about your side hustle or passion project.

Free Hosting

For beginners that are not committed to their biz idea.



Paid Hosting:









Elevate Your Vision-

You probably have heard the old saying “can’t see the forest from the trees”. We all have that one friend with the sorry tail boyfriend or ex, and none of our girls can figure out why she just can’t seem to stop messing with him. Right?

Now we can see it because we are not too close to the situation. That is how we need to think about our Business as well. Sometimes we need to step back and see things from another perspective. Hence today’s topic.


Elevate Your Vision



Quit thinking small, point blank period. If you are ready to take this Passion project to the next level. Just know that you can’t walk where you cannot see.

I want you to stand up, close your eyes and take a step.

Exactly! you are not going to get anywhere fast without Vision. Personally vision has never been a problem for me. As far back as i can remember I’ve always seen much more for my life. For me implementation was my stumbling block.

The best way to make sure you not only see from another level but to also follow through is to get involved with a Mastermind.

Mastermind groups are simply a few people with like minded goals who are willing to commit to keeping each other accountable and open and honest sharing of ideas and support.

Masterminds help you see

  • Different points of view
  • By Elevating mindset
  • Build Relationship and Community



Expand your territory expect more

  • Be mindful of your vision
  • You are a World Changer
  • Some people don’t have a reference of more


Why my website has a view of the city from above

  • From the ground you cant see what’s happening down the road but from above you can see everything
  • Train your eye to see miles down the road as far as you can see
  • Too close to see the reality of the situation
  • Put an expectation bigger that you can ever imagine
  • Anything is possible expand your mindset


Everyone will not see  your vision

  • Know you will have dream thieves
  • The reality of the situation doesn’t negate the possibility
  • Never let anyone crush your dream
  • God puts everything you need for you to be successful with the vision


What’s your Vision Share it with the Tribe!






Building Relationships for Business

Relationship Building for Business Success

To be successful in business and life you must cultivate relationships. Point blank period. This is the single most important focus that can make or break any Entrepreneurial journey.






5 points on Relationship Building


1. Foster current relationships

  • Appreciate current customers, friends and family that have your back!
  • Don’t get too comfortable; business is Business
  •  Keep it professional, with the highest level of customer service


 2. Be present on social media

  • Be consistent
  • Be present : actively listening to your audience
  • Be Relevant  to the conversation
  • Be Helpful; if you’re not adding value just keep quiet


3. Get out and meet folks

  • Build relationships within your community
  • Meetups are a great source of Networking
  • Physical personal contact is endearing


4. Engage with your Tribe

  • Build your email list and nurture those relationships
  • Email is highly underused by most of our small business’
  • Be consistent but not SPAMMY
  • Don’t just contact folks when you have a sale.


5. Take advantage of groups

  • Join groups with your target audience
  • Set up a Facebook group for your tribe
  • Get involved with groups in your Niche for support and community


Book of the Day

The War of Art:  Steven Pressfield

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Key Takeaways from Podcast Movement 2015


What I learned from the best at Podcast Movement 2015

I am still reeling from information overload almost a month after Podcast Movement ’15! The organizers did such an awesome job with bringing some of the best in the industry to impart massive Epic content to us.

I and everyone I connected with at the conference and online afterwards have concurred that this is definitely the one you need to attend.

Lord willing, I will definitely be in Chicago next year. I encourage you to buy the Virtual ticket to #PM15 and get what you can and make sure you don’t miss out next year. Before you go though make sure and take my Conference  tips to help you be prepared.



Key Takeaways


PAT FLYNN: The Real Podcasting Struggle: You vs. You

  • We all keep this one Hater with us. Ourselves.
  • Associate with the right people, Power of the whole is greater than the single
  • Fear is a good indicator of what you should be doing; Transform by creating impossible goals.
  • Its not about you, it’s who is on the other side


ROMAN MARS: Designing a Career in Podcasting 

  • Telling the right story can change the feeling or perspective
  • Quality is the best Business strategy
  • Make as many good things happen as possible
  • If you can save the World time you’re doing god’s work 🙂
  • Own your work


LOU MONGELLO: 10 Questions

  • Success is measure by levels of happiness not money
  • Be the book you want to read
  • I don’t have competition
  • It’s about real connections
  • Legacy is not just money
  • You don’t know how you are going to affect somebody’s life
  • The only failure is quitting
  • There’s a fine line between brilliance and utter stupidity


AISHA TYLER: No Apologies: Creating Authenticity by Embracing Risk


  • Passion is the only ingredient
  • Be relentless
  • Don’t be afraid to pivot: quitting is not failing if you don’t enjoy it anymore.
  • Listen and do your best work
  • It’s not how hard you hit, its how hard you can get hit and get up.


JOHN LEE DUMAS: Deconstructing Podcasting Success: Real life stories of failure turned into freedom

  • If you want to be; Do.
  • What’s your courage story? Share it.
  • You want to be successful you have to be Consistent
  • Invest. Learn. Teach


Book of the Day


The War of Art:  Steven Pressfield

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Securing your Social Media Real Estate


Name it and Claim it – Securing your Social Media Real Estate

So have you noticed most Brands these days have a certain look and feel to all of their Marketing material including their Social Media channels. Well Ladies, this is one area most big brands are on point with.

This is a great way to solidify your brand as well as keeping it simple for your target to find you across any social platform. Take my word for it,  these tips will help you keep your sanity once you get more involved with  your social media content.

I mention a great tool in this episode to help you lock down a name that will compliment your brand or verify your actual Business name is available still across most Social Media sites currently operating.




Key Takeaways


  • Cohesive name across all platforms
  • Own your Domain name
  • Secure top 3-4 social media platforms
  • Be clear naming your Business not just clever


Book of the Day

Authority Positioning: How to become the leader in your niche by Leonardo Habegger

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Find Your Niche

I had an awesome conversation with a coworker today about getting her idea about how she could impact the world with her passion.

As I was sharing my great news of actually launching this podcast and submitting to itunes, we got to talking about how to get started with her Side Hustle and getting the ideas focused on one thing at a time.

I totally related to her almost schizophrenic explanation of what she was passionate about. Like most of us I’m sure, have a million and one ideas and people we want to help.


Riches are in the Niches

We have all probably heard this or some version of it. Unless you are Walmart, it doesn’t profit us to try to be everything for everybody.


Decide on one person you want to help. What are they struggling with that you know how to fix, cope , educate …


How can you best help them?

>Train- teaching program,

> coach/ mentor- show and run the play

> inspire- give words of affirmation

>service- therapy ( physical, mental)


What is the best way to communicate the help?


> Videos

> Podcast



Advice to my friend…

You work  40, 50 , 60 hours every week to see your Employer’s vision and mission succeed. Don’t you have 2 hours a week to devote to your own Entrepreneurial Legacy? Absolutely!

Take the next day off you have and make a date with yourself to focus solely on what you want to see this business look like.

Take the first step to seeing your dream of Business ownership.

I’m not telling you anything that I haven’t personally dealt with in my own Small Business, and still do sometimes. I promise you as you begin to move like we talked about in Just Start  you will see amazing transformation and growth with your Side Hustle.



Key Take aways

  • Don’t try to be everything for everybody
  • Devote at least 2 hours a week to your Business
  • Take the first step

Book of the Day


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  • Pen and paper