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My Conference tips actually worked!


So Ladies take my word for it these tips will help you Rock your next conference should you heed my advice. My first conference was great but I could have gotten more out of the experience if I was a little better prepared. What’s the saying you just don’t know what you don’t know…

I implemented these tips at my 2nd big baller Podcast Movement 15 Conference in Fort Worth Texas last week and for the most part they helped tremendously. I will say, adding out of state prep was much more daunting. Knowing you can’t just run home if you forgot anything really put the pressure on making sure everything was on point.

Overall the prep was all worth it. The only things I added to this list was to print out all your flight, hotel, rental car and sightseeing information you may need for where you are going.

Oh and also be prepared for parking fees if you rent a car.

I will post all the pics from PM15 on the Facebook page if you wanna see me in action.




Key Take aways


  • Take a backup battery
  • Eat a good breakfast
  • Wear comfy shoes or bring backups
  • Business cards are not dead
  • Plan your schedule
  • Invest in a good camera
  • Go early and Network
  • Be camera ready
  • Prepare a question to ask each presenter


Book of the Day

Conference Crushing: The 17 Undeniable Rules Of Building Relationships, Growing Your Network, And Crushing A Conference Even If You Don’t Know Anyone : Tyler Wagner


Business Resources








Essential Plan for your Small Business 


Each business venture I tried on my entrepreneurial journey failed.

Why?  because I missed this most basic step, plan first then take massive action. Make sure you prepare your small business

for a winning start with these top tips.

Key Take Aways

  • PLAN then ACT
  • A goal without a plan is a dream
  • 5 key areas to plan (Content, Brand, Marketing, Financials, Launch)
  • Keep it super simple


Book of the Day

Business Resources

  • Square: for credit card payments




Introducing your Sista Girl Jenae Nicole and getting the reason why she created the Job Optional Podcast.

Sharing Internet Resources, such as apps, software and websites.

Be Inspired by stories from other  Black Girls who are Rocking out their Business.

Imperfect action

Not my best idea.

Have you ever done some dumb *ish!

I mean that, all I can do is shake my head dumb.

Well I for one am raising my hand, and I’m sure the guy in the bunny suit hanging on for dear life would raise his as well.

If you are nodding along, then you know that, heart in the pit of your stomach feeling. Like when you close the door, just as you realize the keys on the other side, kinda moment.

Right? Sick. I know!

That is the same feeling I get when I need to take action on a project that I don’t feel qualified for. That old “Imposter Syndrome” we talked about.

I’ll be 100, my Podcast was due out almost a year ago and I just will not publish.

You know any old excuse will do kinda thing. Truth is I’m just a big ol’ Chicken.

Yep. I said it. Cluck cluck honey.


Imperfect Action always beats No Action

We have all heard the Nike slogan, Just Do It! If it were only that simple, huh.

Sadly it really is. We just tend to talk, or in my case think our way out of crushing our goals.

So this post is me saying I will have the Job Optional Podcast released in ITunes before April 24, 2015. My Birthday FYI. In case you were thinking to get me something nice.

Please feel free to email me or call me out on social Media if you read this after the given date and I haven’t completed this task.

I’m sure there will be mistakes along the way and that’s okay.
Because there is a Woman out here, who needs me to fulfill my purpose to help her,
so she too can become job optional.



Ain’t nothing worse than jokers looking for a hook up. That’s right I said it!

I work too hard for my paper, and you think I should get less.

Yeah…. that would be a no. Run me my money.

Don’t keep letting folks cut into your pockets. I know it may seem mean to say no, but look at it this way.

These same folks will go somewhere else and pay full price, with no problem.


I’m just saying, get your money and let the leeches fall off.

I learned long ago all money ain’t good.

Your service is good enough to be sold, then it’s good enough to be regular price period.


Listen, this is Business and we are going to run it as such.

Hustle Up Ladies and let’s get it!


Holla at your girl.