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Vision for Strategic Business Plan on Job Optional Podcast with Jenae Duarte

Creating Vision for Strategic Business Plan

September begins the fourth quarter of the year, and I want us to go into the new year with a clear vision goal and plan. Vision and Mission are the topic on the show this month we’re talking all things side hustle and starting at the beginning.


With us being at the beginning of football season, like I tell hubby in the 4th quarter plenty of games have been won and lost. The key is to stay focused on the goal no matter what it looks like and keep pushing for yardage.


This is the perfect time to start planning  your new business, so you can hit the ground running in the New Year.  Not just getting started that’s ok too every year we need to reboot so to speak and still have a fresh plan for the year just the same.


Get a piece of paper and pen, get in a quiet space (no tech) and just imagine what you would like the next year to look like.


That’s it it may seem simple but quieting our minds and just focusing only on the end results can be a challenge… especially if you have kids or husbands lol!

Stay there until you have the vision and write down only points to remember, with no limits.

We tend to have what I call a “Dream Ceiling” it’s possible for someone like Oprah… remember she wasn’t always “O”, so why not for us?




Vision is from God, limits come from us

Visioning what we want to see in our business in the next year is complete. We move into creating a tangible vision board that we can narrow down our focused goals to accomplish.
Preferably using actual paper and supplies to do this… but if not, you can use Pinterest. Try and stay focused on the task at hand as Pinterest can lead down the rabbit trail of lost goals.

While creating your vision board ,think about ways to diversify our income by things you are already doing and include these ideas.


Key Takeaways from the Podcast

  • You can win or lose in the 4th quarter
  • Quite your mind and let he vision come
  • Stay focused



Power of Paycheck- Job Optional Podcast 23

Use the Power of your paycheck to support your Business

Perspective matters in Business

When you look at your day job paycheck as your first investor in your dream business you will begin to get a new perspective on it.

Yes, the 9 to 5 grind takes much of your precious time and focus that could be better served in getting the Side Hustle off the ground. Like everything in life you have to take the pros with the cons as it were.

Don’t begrudge your humble beginnings, starting small and having a backup plan gives you so much more leverage while growing into a full time Entrepreneur. A dedicated paycheck means you can be selective in what clients you choose to work with and not have to jump at every opportunity because you need funds.

Now while acknowledging our job is an investor for our business, we must be mindful to not just take the money and run. We honor the paycheck by doing what we are paid for by showing up and  doing the work with integrity.



Burn the boats

Personally I’m not built to jump ship with no lifeline. I’m more productive having the “stable income” as I build my business on the side. Done it, hated it – so focused on income I never could build.
Some folks can and need to burn the boats to really see it through and they thrive in that sink or swim atmosphere.

Baby chicks or Eaglets need their wings to develop before they can fly and leaving the nest. Horses walk almost immediately and if they don’t there is a problem. Me and my tribe are chicks and that’s okay.

Key Takeaways

  • Everything is not for everybody!
  • Know your truth



Cheapskate- Job Optional Podcast19


Why being a cheap bast$@# is keeping you from progressing with your business and why getting and accepting help with your small business journey is crucial to being a successful Entrepreneur.

Doing the work and figuring out this whole Entrepreneurial journey is hard even more so when you are trying to do it all and on the free or cheap.

I’ll be the first to raise my hand. I am a self professed cheapskate, especially when it comes to myself and my business. I definetly got it honest (Trish Ann) aka momma! lol


Invest in your business and save your sanity

Looking back over the last year, there were many times that hiring out the work would have been the smart, and in the long run cheaper way to go. I wasted weeks trying to figure out minute details that could have probably been taken care of in minutes with an expert.


Lady, take the lesson from me and take your superwoman cape off and let somebody help you, that knows what they’re doing! Time is our greatest asset and we definitely don’t need to waste it on tasks above or below our skill set.


Make sure to take advantage of services like fiverr or elance to maximize your time and productivity. These are great alternatives for Boss Babes on a tight budget. Remember your existing network of friends, colleagues and family, sometimes the best answer to a question is right in front of us.


We don’t always have to pay for the help, make sure you are accepting help when its offered. Don’t be that chick that says “no, I got it” when you obviously don’t and folks are trying to help you with your business.









Overworked and Underwhelmed on Job Optional Podcast with Jenae Nicole

Overworked & Underwhelmed



Side Hustle Time Management 

Not only do we have the same business goals and objectives as well as home and family obligations we have a full time job that is a monster in and of itself to manage our time with.


And yes we chose this life and we can quit and throw in the towel at any moment if we want, but not us girls because we are World Changers and we never quit!


I know getting started with your Side Hustle has not been easy we feel overworked

With our ever growing to do list – website, networking, social media, content, products or services, clients, etc.


Underwhelmed with results so far, not seeing the amazing results some of your Entrepreneurial friends?


Your gift is for you; you were hand-picked for this mission, only you have the gifts, skills and talent to finish it.


But I digress this morning as my Pastor  was speaking about the Time we have here being a gift with an expiration date; being accountable with how we spend it.


So let that sink in them 2 bombs he dropped, we all know our time here will end for certain no one here is invincible and will live forever as much as the movies are selling that dream these days. As far as we know (side eye).


But he made such an impact on me today with saying we have time for what we want with the analogy of if you got free ticket to your favorite xyz you would find the time right oh all of a sudden a gap opened up in your calendar 🙂


For every yes we say, there is a no to something else, let’s just make sure we value our Relationships and don’t miss out on what’s really important.


App I use for email sanity is called  Check it out, I promise you’ll thank me later. Also it’s FREE!


Key Takeaways

  • Time is a Gift with an expiration date
  • Time is the currency of Relationships
  • Make time for what matters most


Book of the Day

Business Resources

  • – Email subscription management tool (Free)
  • Email me at



Find Your Niche

I had an awesome conversation with a coworker today about getting her idea about how she could impact the world with her passion.

As I was sharing my great news of actually launching this podcast and submitting to itunes, we got to talking about how to get started with her Side Hustle and getting the ideas focused on one thing at a time.

I totally related to her almost schizophrenic explanation of what she was passionate about. Like most of us I’m sure, have a million and one ideas and people we want to help.


Riches are in the Niches

We have all probably heard this or some version of it. Unless you are Walmart, it doesn’t profit us to try to be everything for everybody.


Decide on one person you want to help. What are they struggling with that you know how to fix, cope , educate …


How can you best help them?

>Train- teaching program,

> coach/ mentor- show and run the play

> inspire- give words of affirmation

>service- therapy ( physical, mental)


What is the best way to communicate the help?


> Videos

> Podcast



Advice to my friend…

You work  40, 50 , 60 hours every week to see your Employer’s vision and mission succeed. Don’t you have 2 hours a week to devote to your own Entrepreneurial Legacy? Absolutely!

Take the next day off you have and make a date with yourself to focus solely on what you want to see this business look like.

Take the first step to seeing your dream of Business ownership.

I’m not telling you anything that I haven’t personally dealt with in my own Small Business, and still do sometimes. I promise you as you begin to move like we talked about in Just Start  you will see amazing transformation and growth with your Side Hustle.



Key Take aways

  • Don’t try to be everything for everybody
  • Devote at least 2 hours a week to your Business
  • Take the first step

Book of the Day


Business Resources

  • Pen and paper