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Cheapskate- Job Optional Podcast19


Why being a cheap bast$@# is keeping you from progressing with your business and why getting and accepting help with your small business journey is crucial to being a successful Entrepreneur.

Doing the work and figuring out this whole Entrepreneurial journey is hard even more so when you are trying to do it all and on the free or cheap.

I’ll be the first to raise my hand. I am a self professed cheapskate, especially when it comes to myself and my business. I definetly got it honest (Trish Ann) aka momma! lol


Invest in your business and save your sanity

Looking back over the last year, there were many times that hiring out the work would have been the smart, and in the long run cheaper way to go. I wasted weeks trying to figure out minute details that could have probably been taken care of in minutes with an expert.


Lady, take the lesson from me and take your superwoman cape off and let somebody help you, that knows what they’re doing! Time is our greatest asset and we definitely don’t need to waste it on tasks above or below our skill set.


Make sure to take advantage of services like fiverr or elance to maximize your time and productivity. These are great alternatives for Boss Babes on a tight budget. Remember your existing network of friends, colleagues and family, sometimes the best answer to a question is right in front of us.


We don’t always have to pay for the help, make sure you are accepting help when its offered. Don’t be that chick that says “no, I got it” when you obviously don’t and folks are trying to help you with your business.









Focus and finish strong with your Business goals on the Job Optional Podcast

Focus on the Goal and Finish Strong

As we bring 2015 to a close and prepare for our New Year’s goals, let’s not get distracted with what is fast approaching but take the time to refocus on what we are doing and why.

I know with all the hustle and holiday festivities it’s super easy to get off our plan and into the “rabbit hole”.

In our haste to start a fresh year we tend to miss how far we’ve come. So take a minute and reflect on all the small wins so far and accept the insignificant fails.

Onward and Upward Friends, Here’s to an amazing 2016!




Key Takeaways

  • Don’t get distracted and if you do don’t stay there
  • Follow one course until success
  • Look back and enjoy the success



Make Better with the Job optional Podcast

I saw this word in a Hashtag on a friend’s facebook post and had to look it up. The meaning really struck me as this one main thing I’d like my business to accomplish on a Global scale.

Leave the World a better place and affect change for Women of Color in Business and life.


Business Cornerstone Job Optional Podcast with Jenae Nicole

Setting Our Business Cornerstone

I want to take a step back and make sure that we get the Cornerstone of our Business right.
I have been really thinking about what my true value is and what will help you gain the most from spending time with me.


Think about this Cornerstone. Now days you see them as decorative or commemorative parts of a building but the roots of the Cornerstone was to be the first stone laid in the foundation of a building, which determined the placement of each subsequent stone.


I want us to make sure that our Cornerstone is set in the optimal place so that once we have made it to completion our footing is sure. So before we pick a niche, a name, a WordPress Theme we will check the condition of our heart and set it toward gratitude with humility and unselfish love.


These ideas are indeed Biblical Ephesians 4:1-2 exactly, but I can guarantee if you align your most audacious goals with these core principles we will not waver when a price you never imagined comes with a price you can never repay.




Finding Your True Value

I had a few major ah-ha moments lately as Oprah would say. One of them being my true value.


If you listened to my last show you should already know that I am a Christian by faith, and unapologetic about it.


This brings me to the point of my true Value. Yes I know how to get a Website set up, plenty of other tech geek stuff, and the how and whys of most of the Social Media Platforms even if o don’t use most of the ( more on that in another show)


My true Value is my Heart for People. Not that fake pat on the back heart that big hug that warms your soul heart.


Honestly it took me many months to come right out and say I wanna see Black Girls and Women of Color begin to dominate the field of Business particularly in the Tech and Digital Media space.




Because I didn’t want to seem like I wanted Women who are of the Caucasian persuasion to fail or to move aside. Just the opposite, there is plenty room at the table I simply want it to represent what the World reflects already.

As Michelle Talbert says #WeAllWin


Key Takeaways

  • Your Cornerstone is your true North
  • Integrity and Reputation are Priceless
  • For someone else to thrive doesn’t mean you have to die or starve.



How to Protect your Brand. Job Optional Podcast -

How to Protect your Brand

I share the steps you need to take today to protect your Brand.
By securing your Digital real estate including your
Website and Social media profiles.

In today’s episode you will Learn why you need to install security immediately for your website, and how your email can be the gateway or backdoor into your defense system.

Why even though there have been over a thousand attempts to hack into my website over the last two weeks, I am not freaking out.

How a simple hashtag search revealed Hijacked pictures of my logo and how your girl handled it with grace.





Key Takeaways


  • Set up security from the very beginning
  • You can get good WordPress security for free
  • Your Email can be a backdoor for evildoers
  • Your Logo and Pictures need protecting as well








Are you worth the investment? Job Optional Podcast -

Are you really worth the investment?

It’s funny that I’ve seen so many “Experts” on various topics with no true expertise. Now please hear my  heart, i’m not bashing on anybody’s grind. Just making the point.

Yes the school of thought to get the Minimal Viable Product out and tweak as you go approach is good. I just want us to be careful to not misrepresent our current Value proposition.

Why this is important to you?

Imagine you are on the other side of your business at the customer point of view. If you are teaching something you really have no true expertise in.. you will lose trust.

Remember trust is always earned and once lost it’s almost impossible to recapture. So, let’s be honest and transparent up front.

Until I began investing and cultivating in me, did I see the forward motion of my life and business.

The lesson today is to put in the work up front and invest in perfecting your craft and become a true expert in your field before claiming yourself as an expert.




Key Takeaways


You can’t walk where you can’t see

  • We must have a vision of what Business we want before we move.
  • The whole picture is not necessary to start
  • if you cant see it you can’t show it to anyone else


Everybody wants to be Influential

  • From the smallest to the greatest of us we all want to be heard.


Sacrifices will have to be made

  • Time is the most valuable investment we use getting started
  • We may have to wait and watch certain shows


 The Path will show itself with open doors

  • Be faithful over your gift
  • Nothing happens by accident
  • Everyone will not resonate with you, what’s for you is for you.


What are you doing today to invest in yourself?

  • Invest. Learn. Teach