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Clear Goals Start with WHY Job Optional Podcast Jenae Duarte

Clear Goals Start with WHY

Our WHY is now coming into play, this is going to give our GOALS  direction


We should have two main goals at all times.  An overarching ultimate goal and the current year goal.

This may sound counterproductive at first like chasing two rabbits end with none. But in this case, these two are mutually beneficial, like the yin and yang so to speak.

A simple example is a blog and a blog post you have the main carrier the blog but it’s the blog post that makes it viable you can’t have one without the other both are necessary for the other.

Everything  you do, moving forward needs to lead to both of these goals.


What is that you really want? Be honest with yourself. This is your chance to create exactly the type of lifestyle you desire.

I wanted to be a hair stylist until I realized that was not the life I really wanted. A business that is solely dependent on my singular abilities, plus crazy hours and crazier client expectations! No thank you.


Why is it important to you?  Keeps you up at night.


Why is it important to the person you want to serve?


This is important because the answers to these three questions are going to drive our decisions with the goals and objectives we set in our strategic planning exercise.






Key Takeaways from the Podcast

  • This is your chance to create the life you desire



5 mistakes to avoid when setting up a facebook page

5 critical mistakes to avoid when setting up a Facebook Page for your Side Hustle

1. Not having a link to your Website from your Facebook Business page

This is by far the most common mistake I see when trolling Facebook… Okay, generally not trolling.

I’m usually trying to support a friend’s new endeavor, and 9 times outta 10 they either have no website, or it is buried deep in the archives of their personal page. Where not nobody is going to look for it, that’s right a double negative… I said it.

Love it or hate it, Facebook is still leading the pack with attention game. Your customers are here already so let’s make it super easy for them to connect with you and your biz.

Facebook has given us very few key places to link back to our sites so take advantage where you can.

Make sure you have the most prominent website link in the about me section filled out. Unfortunately this one can be pretty hard to find if you have your setting in the default that comes standard.

You can move around the order of what items you want featured first by going to any of the sections and clicking on edit to get the reorder option to pop up, simply drag and drop from there and save.


2. No Cover Art or Unclear Cover Art Message

When you’re just starting out with your Side Hustle, this can be a simple picture that reflects your target audience. No need to make this super complicated in the beginning. Make sure anyone coming to your page can clearly understand what your focus is right away.

I love for making simple graphic templates like these and they have Facebook header template with the correct dimensions in place so it is user friendly.

Once you have your base down you can come back and have a professional or even pay someone on for a cool graphic that you can use across your different platforms.


3. Missing Profile Information

This is a no brainer. Your ideal client finds you on Facebook but there is no information about who you are, what you specialize in or any other pertinent information most people would like to know before investing their hard earned cash with you.

No need to share your life story here, but at least have some basic information about who you are and what you are about. This is a good place to put some strategic keywords associated with your target market or Business as well.


4. Not taking advantage of the “Call to Action button”

Facebook has given us a prime piece of real estate on the business page by giving you a choice of a call to action button featured right up top to the right of your profile image on top of the cover art photo.

For the love of all things Holy, USE IT!

Options are anywhere from contact us to email signup form. See screenshot below for ideas you can and should take advantage of. You can only use one so choose wisely by determining what the most important objective to your business is right now.


FaceBook CTA


5. Using a Logo as your Facebook Page Profile Picture

This one is self-explanatory, people do business with other people, more so with folks they know, like, and trust. Unless you’re a huge brand like Walmart or Bestbuy, you need a personal picture of you as your profile.

A good, clear photo of you (only you, no group pics) is okay for just starting out, a professional shot would be great but if you can’t swing it right away, it’s okay. Remember this is only the starting point, as you grow, get the nicer photos and upgrades.

I want you to take action and at least have something to show for any potential clients and to begin building that trust factor as quickly as possible. What’s the adage perfect is the enemy of DONE.



Job Optional with Jenae Duarte

Feast and Famine of Entrepreneurship

Being a young and idealistic Entrepreneur can make you shoot for the moon, without even a dirty mattress to catch you.
At least that’s my story of early failure or as tried and true Entrepreneurs say… lessons.

There are no failures only lessons on what not to do the next time!

A false sense of security shook me in my 1st attempt at launching a Business. I can remember balling out my first couple weeks out and then… crickets.

When I say zero clients, and zero prospects for any type of income. Panic set in, my pride would not let me schlep back to my former job on bended knee. Or divulge to my family my dire circumstance so I decided then and there I’d never be so vulnerable ever again.



Why the Transition to Job Optional matters

Using your Side Hustle as a Launching Pad to financially support you in the early transition to Entrepreneurship becoming Job Optional will allow you to have peace of mind. You won’t have the added stress of worrying if bills will be paid.

This also prevents taking on clients you might not want to work with because you need the money. Turning your passion into a nightmare. Feel me…

I know this route is not for everybody, some folks can burn the boats and run with with it. I have found that is just not practical for me. I just don’t function well under that kind of stress and that’s okay. as I always say everything is not for everybody. We work at our pace and stay in our lane.

Don’t get distracted by the HOV lane it’s slow and steady here on the right but we all will get to our destination just at different times.



Key Takeaways from the Podcast

  • Never begrudge small beginnings
  • There are no failures only lessons



10 lessons in podcasting

My top 10 lessons learned from my first 6 months podcasting.

1. Save EVERY file before you say your first word

This is by far one of the most important tips I can give new Podcasters. When I tell you the heartbreak I experienced by losing one of my best episodes to date, simply because I failed to save the file first. Brings a tear to my eye just thinking of it.

2. Just start already

The moon and stars are never going to align just right for you to pull the trigger and just launch already. I can honestly say I only wish I would have stared sooner. Besides you might as well go ahead and resign yourself to the fact that at the very least your first 3 shows are going to be terrible.

You are a rare breed if you fly out the gates with pristine audio day one. I re-recorded my first show no less than 10 times and its still horrible to me. trust me on this one just do it and get over yourself.

3. Be your own truth, it’ll show 



[Tweet “You can only fake the funk for so long, before the real you begins to seep out” ~Jenae ]


4. Invest in your project

As i mentioned in episode 019 Being a cheap bastard is going to hold you back from your best potential. It is nearly impossible to start a proper Podcast with no money. It can be done but the question is will it be worth listening to? I tried to skimp as much as possible and it has cost me plenty in the long run, especially in TIME! If you are not willing to invest anything into your own passion what makes you think anyone should invest their time listening to you.

5. The real work begins after New and Noteworthy

There is so much hoopla about being top of New & Noteworthy (N&N) in iTunes for newbie Podcasters that we begin to focus so much on the rankings and less on growing our true fan base. Yes N&N is important but not as much as you’d think. One big thing though, when my time was up on the N&N charts man I dropped faster than a ton of bricks in downloads of the show. To combat this phenomenon I suggest getting into the habit early on of promoting the show twice as much time as it took to create it.

6. It’s not about you

I know this show is your Baby your lovechild if you will, but ultimately the listener is what it’s all about in the end. The impact your words have on their lives is the true end game. Whether you have a Podcast about Comedy, Politics, Religion, Business or all of the above the end user will meet out its value.

7. Be proud of your lil Podcast and tell everybody

Self explanatory, go shout it from the mountains and everywhere. lol, no really Go. Promote, promote, promote.

8. Notice others shine.

9. Implement fast

This goes hand in hand with just starting, the quicker you implement the faster you can fail or yet succeed that much faster.

10. Don’t give up

Podcasting is going to get hard, really hard to stay the course. No REALLY HARD!





Podcast Movement




Overworked and Underwhelmed on Job Optional Podcast with Jenae Nicole

Overworked & Underwhelmed



Side Hustle Time Management 

Not only do we have the same business goals and objectives as well as home and family obligations we have a full time job that is a monster in and of itself to manage our time with.


And yes we chose this life and we can quit and throw in the towel at any moment if we want, but not us girls because we are World Changers and we never quit!


I know getting started with your Side Hustle has not been easy we feel overworked

With our ever growing to do list – website, networking, social media, content, products or services, clients, etc.


Underwhelmed with results so far, not seeing the amazing results some of your Entrepreneurial friends?


Your gift is for you; you were hand-picked for this mission, only you have the gifts, skills and talent to finish it.


But I digress this morning as my Pastor  was speaking about the Time we have here being a gift with an expiration date; being accountable with how we spend it.


So let that sink in them 2 bombs he dropped, we all know our time here will end for certain no one here is invincible and will live forever as much as the movies are selling that dream these days. As far as we know (side eye).


But he made such an impact on me today with saying we have time for what we want with the analogy of if you got free ticket to your favorite xyz you would find the time right oh all of a sudden a gap opened up in your calendar 🙂


For every yes we say, there is a no to something else, let’s just make sure we value our Relationships and don’t miss out on what’s really important.


App I use for email sanity is called  Check it out, I promise you’ll thank me later. Also it’s FREE!


Key Takeaways

  • Time is a Gift with an expiration date
  • Time is the currency of Relationships
  • Make time for what matters most


Book of the Day

Business Resources

  • – Email subscription management tool (Free)
  • Email me at




Elevate Your Vision-

You probably have heard the old saying “can’t see the forest from the trees”. We all have that one friend with the sorry tail boyfriend or ex, and none of our girls can figure out why she just can’t seem to stop messing with him. Right?

Now we can see it because we are not too close to the situation. That is how we need to think about our Business as well. Sometimes we need to step back and see things from another perspective. Hence today’s topic.


Elevate Your Vision



Quit thinking small, point blank period. If you are ready to take this Passion project to the next level. Just know that you can’t walk where you cannot see.

I want you to stand up, close your eyes and take a step.

Exactly! you are not going to get anywhere fast without Vision. Personally vision has never been a problem for me. As far back as i can remember I’ve always seen much more for my life. For me implementation was my stumbling block.

The best way to make sure you not only see from another level but to also follow through is to get involved with a Mastermind.

Mastermind groups are simply a few people with like minded goals who are willing to commit to keeping each other accountable and open and honest sharing of ideas and support.

Masterminds help you see

  • Different points of view
  • By Elevating mindset
  • Build Relationship and Community



Expand your territory expect more

  • Be mindful of your vision
  • You are a World Changer
  • Some people don’t have a reference of more


Why my website has a view of the city from above

  • From the ground you cant see what’s happening down the road but from above you can see everything
  • Train your eye to see miles down the road as far as you can see
  • Too close to see the reality of the situation
  • Put an expectation bigger that you can ever imagine
  • Anything is possible expand your mindset


Everyone will not see  your vision

  • Know you will have dream thieves
  • The reality of the situation doesn’t negate the possibility
  • Never let anyone crush your dream
  • God puts everything you need for you to be successful with the vision


What’s your Vision Share it with the Tribe!