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Power of Paycheck- Job Optional Podcast 23

Use the Power of your paycheck to support your Business

Perspective matters in Business

When you look at your day job paycheck as your first investor in your dream business you will begin to get a new perspective on it.

Yes, the 9 to 5 grind takes much of your precious time and focus that could be better served in getting the Side Hustle off the ground. Like everything in life you have to take the pros with the cons as it were.

Don’t begrudge your humble beginnings, starting small and having a backup plan gives you so much more leverage while growing into a full time Entrepreneur. A dedicated paycheck means you can be selective in what clients you choose to work with and not have to jump at every opportunity because you need funds.

Now while acknowledging our job is an investor for our business, we must be mindful to not just take the money and run. We honor the paycheck by doing what we are paid for by showing up and  doing the work with integrity.



Burn the boats

Personally I’m not built to jump ship with no lifeline. I’m more productive having the “stable income” as I build my business on the side. Done it, hated it – so focused on income I never could build.
Some folks can and need to burn the boats to really see it through and they thrive in that sink or swim atmosphere.

Baby chicks or Eaglets need their wings to develop before they can fly and leaving the nest. Horses walk almost immediately and if they don’t there is a problem. Me and my tribe are chicks and that’s okay.

Key Takeaways

  • Everything is not for everybody!
  • Know your truth


Imperfect action

Not my best idea.

Have you ever done some dumb *ish!

I mean that, all I can do is shake my head dumb.

Well I for one am raising my hand, and I’m sure the guy in the bunny suit hanging on for dear life would raise his as well.

If you are nodding along, then you know that, heart in the pit of your stomach feeling. Like when you close the door, just as you realize the keys on the other side, kinda moment.

Right? Sick. I know!

That is the same feeling I get when I need to take action on a project that I don’t feel qualified for. That old “Imposter Syndrome” we talked about.

I’ll be 100, my Podcast was due out almost a year ago and I just will not publish.

You know any old excuse will do kinda thing. Truth is I’m just a big ol’ Chicken.

Yep. I said it. Cluck cluck honey.


Imperfect Action always beats No Action

We have all heard the Nike slogan, Just Do It! If it were only that simple, huh.

Sadly it really is. We just tend to talk, or in my case think our way out of crushing our goals.

So this post is me saying I will have the Job Optional Podcast released in ITunes before April 24, 2015. My Birthday FYI. In case you were thinking to get me something nice.

Please feel free to email me or call me out on social Media if you read this after the given date and I haven’t completed this task.

I’m sure there will be mistakes along the way and that’s okay.
Because there is a Woman out here, who needs me to fulfill my purpose to help her,
so she too can become job optional.



Hey Girl, I’m super excited you’re here!

I know your vision is way bigger than your 9to5 grind, but reality is, we all have responsibilities. (Real talk)

We don’t have time for foolery, that’s why I created the Job Optional Podcast.

You can listen and learn what you need and keep it moving.


I focus on how to use Technology and Social Media to take your Side Hustle or Small Business to the next level.

Whether you are still trying to get started or you are  in the  struggle to get traction in your business,

I feel your pain, I’m beginning to see results from all my efforts, and hope I can help get you to the next level as well.


I love my job, I just don’t want to HAVE to depend on that paycheck.  I keep me some side change, feel me?

I don’t know about you, but this girl has no intention of working another 20+ years,

to enjoy “Social Security” and if I’m lucky, pension.

No Ma’am! Not I, Me, She, Her! (In my Tamar Braxton voice.  Guilty pleasure… Don’t judge me.)


BLACK GIRLS WHO ROCK!                                                                                                                                                                                                  Be the change you want to see


Never has there been a better time for Black Women to move forward.

We have been through the worst atrocities of any people in the entire world. And we are still here!

That’s the core of my WHY. I want to see us win, period.


I  love and get the most inspiration when I hear my Sistas represent, especially in the Podcast community.

It’s rare to hear a sista on a podcast, and even less seeing a Black girl like me hosting her own show,

fugetaboutit! (In my Italian mobster voice)

So this is me, being the change I want to see.


I am excited to share all the lessons I’ve learned, resources and helpful content I’ve found in my search to become Job Optional.

But more importantly showcase my Black Girls who Rock!

Anything here you find useful please share and bless another Sister on a mission!