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016: Protect Your Brand


016: Protect Your Brand

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How to Protect your Brand. Job Optional Podcast -

How to Protect your Brand

I share the steps you need to take today to protect your Brand.
By securing your Digital real estate including your
Website and Social media profiles.

In today’s episode you will Learn why you need to install security immediately for your website, and how your email can be the gateway or backdoor into your defense system.

Why even though there have been over a thousand attempts to hack into my website over the last two weeks, I am not freaking out.

How a simple hashtag search revealed Hijacked pictures of my logo and how your girl handled it with grace.





Key Takeaways


  • Set up security from the very beginning
  • You can get good WordPress security for free
  • Your Email can be a backdoor for evildoers
  • Your Logo and Pictures need protecting as well







About the Author:

A lil about me... hmm, okay. I'm married to a super awesome supportive guy named Jose. We live and play in South Florida. I am a nerd/homegirl. I am a lover of all things Tech, most things sweet. If I could be a lazy bum all day I will. Can naps be a hobby? if so I choose naps :) Black folks in Business is my passion. Oh and Podcasting.

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